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One Of A Kind Finds


Whether your home needs a painting from a world renowned artist, a bronze stature for the foyer or a flock of hand carved geese above the bar, we have it all.

Visit our showroom soon, once an item is selected it can't be replaced. ​ Once it resides in your home, no one else will own one like it!

Bronze Statues

Paul Dubois, 1829-1905  

Bronze Sculpture

"Girl with Cat"

Circa 1875

12.4"W x 36"H


Emile Pinedo, 1840-1916

Bronze Sculpture in Paris

Bust of Lady  "Floreal"

Won Silver Medal 1889 Universal Exposition 

10.5" W x 6.5" D x 19"H

Emile Laporte, French, 1858-1907
Bronze Sculpture

"Boy with Goat"

Circa 1875

13.5"W x 39.5"H 

Sheep in Pasture

Guillaume - French 19th Century

55" W x 38"H

Antique Barometer

Wedgwood and Brass barometer circa 1860

Geese in Flight

Carved from Driftwood

Local Artist

Clock 1860 Cupid drumming-Enhanced-SR copy.jpg
Cupid Clock 

Armour drumming a gilt clock 

Rouge marble & bronze dore mounts.

Base signed; Vauchez, Paris 

Movement Medaille D' Argent, Paris

Circa 1875


Austrian Clock


Gilt accents and hand painted detail

Circa 1850

14"W  x  5.5"D x 25"H

Gemstone Carvings

Hidden among the rain forests of Brazil lies massive gemstone mines filled with amethyst, tourmaline and crystals of mesmerizing shapes and colors. Under a carver's hand an owl is born, or perhaps a seabird holding a fish or a hummingbird buzzing a flower. A perfect gift for an anniversary or Mother's Day or just for your eyes only.

Pair of Porcelain Wall Brackets
Carl Thieme

Mid 19th Century

12"W x 8"D x 19"H, each


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IMG_8996-Enhanced-SR copy.jpg

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